Marathi Library
The most popular Marathi Library freely available for the bibliophiles in Greater Vancouver is run by our longtime member, Vidyut Aklujkar. The library is located in the Aklujkar residence and at present, it boasts hundreds of books. It has Novels, Short Story Collections, Biographies, Autobiographies, Histories, Belle Lettres, Drama, Poetry, etc., and also many bound issues of contemporary Journals, and Magazines. It also has a separate collection of children's books.

The Library started in 1998 and has been in use continuously since then. Several members, (and some visitors as well) have been benefited from the facility for many years. It allows members to keep in touch with their language and literature and introduced them to the latest trends and finds. The library is continuously updated with choice publications from Maharashtra.

For terms and conditions and an up-to-date book-list
Call Vidyut at 604 274 5353