Our Province


British Columbia has four distinct seasons, but the climate changes dramatically depending on:

  • where you live

  • how close you are to the ocean

  • How high you live above sea level.

seasons in B.C.:

    Spring: March to May

  • Summer: June to August

  • Fall/Autumn: September to November

  • Winter: December to February

The Geography of British Columbia

  • British Columbia is in the northwestern part of North America. The Canadian province of Alberta is to the east. The Yukon and the Northwest Territories are to its north. The United States specifically, the states of Washington, Idaho and Montana is on B.C.s southern border.
  • B.C. is a very large province about the size of France, Germany and The Netherlands combined. It is four times as big as Great Britain and two and a half times bigger than Japan. From north to south it measures about 1,200 kilometres and 1,050 kilometres east to west.
  • About 12 per cent of the province is wilderness, consisting of parks, conservation areas, ecological reserves and recreation areas.
Victoria is located on Vancouver Island, and is the capital city of the province of British Columbia

Our people

First Nations

First Nations and Aboriginal peoples in British Columbia are an important part of B.Cs culture.


Multiculturalism is a way of life in British Columbia. The provincial government and many organizations in British Columbia promote multiculturalism and actively help immigrants settle into a new life here. Learn how here.


B.C. is home to a number of different languages, including Aboriginal languages.


In Canada and B.C., religion is your personal choice.

Cost of living

The cost of living in British Columbia can vary depending on where you live. Victoria and the communities in the Lower Mainland (including Vancouver, Richmond and North Vancouver) are among the most popular places in British Columbia to live. As a result, housing costs are higher there than in other cities or towns in B.C. Health care, education and many other public services are managed by the B.C. government and paid for by B.C. residents and taxpayers.

Income and Taxation

Your income depends on what you do and where you work. Taxes are based on your income and purchases. visit the Income and taxes section of this site. Information can be found on the Canada Customs and Revenue Income Tax Rates web page.

Housing and Accommodation

To get an idea of the cost of housing in British Columbia, visit the MLS website. You can search communities across the province and compare the local real estate markets